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Town of Enfield....A Great Place to Live!

Founded in 1740, Enfield, North Carolina is the oldest town in Halifax County. In 1896, the opening of the Enfield Tobacco Market brought a glimmer of prosperity to this small town of 700 people (today 2300+). As the tobacco market grew, new businesses were established along with the Bank of Enfield, the oldest bank in Halifax County.

Peanuts, however, soon became the leading agricultural market in Enfield. The establishment of many buying and cleaning stations for peanuts soon made Enfield the world's largest raw peanut market. Every year, Enfield is host to the Peanut Festival. Family fun featuring good food, arts and crafts, carnival and amusements, music and dancing and, of course, the famous peanut — no small thing around here!

Enfield is easily accessible, only five miles from I-95 (Exit 154) and HWY 301 runs through our great town, so stop by and visit us.


Enfield Peanut Festival

THANK YOU for supporting what was our most successful Peanut Festival!!!

Special thanks to the festival commitee and all of the event sponsors.  Together we are better and together we will build a better community.

Emergency Prepardness

Please watch this two minute video from the American Red Cross for valuable information to protect you and your family.

>>>> 3 Easy Steps to Prepare for an EMERGENCY <<<<<



For more information, visit the Red Cross website



Lost Phone Survival Guide

Here are great tips to follow should the unimaginable happen,

your phone is lost or stolen - LOST/STOLEN PHONE





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Lt. Willie Murphy Jr., Det. Shatel Coates and Capt. Chuck Hasty received their Advanced Law Enforcement Certification


Advanced Certification Lt. Willie Murphy Jr., Det. Shatel Coates and Capt. Chuck Hasty received their Advanced Law Enforcement Certification.

In order to recognize the level of competence of law enforcement officers serving governmental agencies within the State, to Foster...

Enfield Peanut Festival


The 2019 Enfield Peanut Festival will be held on Friday, October 4, 2019 from 4 pm until 9 pm with a street dance. Vendors and entertainment will be held on Saturday, October 5, 2019 beginning at noon till  8 pm.

 Please call the Town of Enfield for more...

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